Haute Couture

Elie Saab Spring/Summer 2017 Couture Collection

From its great Nile, praised in poetry, literature, music and art, irrigating the imaginations of Arabs for generations, to its people, their ingenuity and preservation of culture, Egypt has been a source of light, inspiration and richness for civilizations; a guardian of Arab memory.  For Spring Summer 2017, Elie Saab pays tribute to an Arab epoch that left us with a priceless cultural and artistic heritage.
With this in mind, Elie Saab travelled back in time, drawing inspiration from the everlasting pool of talents from that era.  Evoking images of women like Leila Mourad and Nour El Hoda and Shadia; paying tribute to the artistic women of this era, Elie Saab reveals a sharp and creative take on Oriental patterns and architectural lines that form symbols and star shapes, appearing on long, voluminous or mid-length dresses.  Intricate embroidery illustrates palm trees that reflect the height and grace of those in Doumyat city wihile unforgettable scenes of boats dancing on the Nile recall, in a dream-like haze, the collection’s light, fluid fabrics that are constructed to float upon its breeze.  Embroidery inspired by Arabic calligraphy also covers smooth and transparent fabrics such as tulle, lace and mousseline.
Contrasting with this are angular cuts which reveal parts of the back and emphasise the beauty of the neck.  Accessories merge the modernity of form with the classic appeal of stones.  It is Elie Saab’s creative ability that brings us back to those magical moments of the past.
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